Why DLSU Students Call Their Freshmen ‘Frosh’

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by Mylene Mendoza   |  Aug 19, 2020
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For college students in higher batches, it seems like a lifetime ago when they were once fresh-faced incoming first year students. You're entering ~a whole new world~ where everything is new and everyone is practically a stranger. Your first year can be quite memorable, regardless of which university you attend.

For students of De La Salle University, however, being a freshman is all sorts of memorable. For one, you're often referred to around campus as a "frosh," something a bit unique compared to other schools' term for first year students. Non-DLSU students might wonder where it came from, so we asked a couple of La Sallians to share their knowledge about the term.

Of course, we did our own research, too. Although it's most known locally as DLSU's term for their freshmen, "frosh" is actually a legit word in the dictionary. According to Cambridge Dictionary, frosh is an informal term for freshman. What's special about the term for La Salle students, though, is that they added their own spin to its definiton! Here's what some Green Archers know about the term.


It's an acronym.

What most students have mentioned is that frosh can stand for "fresh out of senior high," which is a creative take on the slang term that doesn't stray away from what it means.

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As a frosh, there are so many new things to try. One student, @novlerssss, shares their most memorable frosh experience, "Best frosh experience is joining orgs and meeting new friends!" Another student, @danaaadeleon, shares, "The iconic 'frosh walk' during LPEP! Freebies galore."

It's not just used by DLSU students.

While DLSU is most known as the school that makes use of the term frosh, its Manila campus isn't the only school that uses it. Students from another La Sallian institution, De La Salle-College of St. Benilde, apparently also call their freshmen as frosh. "I'm not from La Salle but we also use 'frosh' in Benilde. It means Fresh Out Of Senior High," shares @camcaldz via Instagram.


It's a more inclusive term.

Although the word freshman can be used to pertain to both sexes, the term frosh is something that doesn't assume your sexuality. "It's a gender-neutral term," says @patmanio. Plus, it's also way easier to say.

Are you a La Sallian? What does frosh mean for you?


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