Who's Your Summer Sweetheart?

Which celebrity cutie makes your sunny days a bit brighter and your smile a lot wider? Let's find out!by Marla Miniano
  |  May 30, 2009
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For your first movie date, he'd probably want to see:
A feel-good comedy.
An indie film.
A ’60s flick.
It's a Saturday gimik night and you're out with your girls when you bump into your crush. What is he wearing?
A goofy graphic tee and a comfy pair of shorts.
A rugged jacket, jeans, and his trademark broody expression.
A snazzy designer suit and classy shoes.
Guys are cute when they can make you laugh. The most amusing thing your boy has ever said is:
"I sort of gave up my ambition to be handsome... I was excited about people thinking I was an idiot."
"I don't know what it is about me, um, probably that I am not quite as beautiful as Chace Crawford."
"You're like my library card 'cause I'm checkin' you out!"
The sweetest thing a guy can do for you is:
stay up late talking to you after a bad day, listening patiently and cheering you up with knock-knock jokes so bad they're actually funny.
buy you a hardbound copy of that book you've been eyeing for months.
write you a love song, then perform it for you in one of his gigs.
You already know The Perfect Guy is a myth, but Your Perfect Guy (yep, there's a difference) should absolutely have:
wit and a wicked, ROFL sense of humor.
a magnetic personality and a love for the arts.
musical talent and an awesome voice.

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