Who's Your Hollywood BFF?

Find out who among your favorite Hollywood teen celebrities is most likely to become your friend!
by Lyka Benitez   |  Nov 27, 2012
photos courtesy of Columbia Pictures, MCA Music, Summit Entertainment, Warner Bros. Pictures
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When asked, your friends would probably describe you as:
The girl who has close ties with her family.
A go-getter who knows what she wants.
Free-spirited and fearless.
Someone reserved and relaxed.
An expressive and a wonderfully creative person.
It's dress-up Sunday! What kind of clothes do you usually wear for a day out with your family?
Anything! You like to experiment—from tutus to tube dresses, heels to loafers—you'd wear anything!
Something polished and ladylike. At times, people even mistake you for being older than you really are! But that's fine; it's how you want to be seen anyway—mature, and sure of yourself.
Edgy clothes. You're usually seen wearing aviator shades, a pair of boots, and distressed denim shorts.
Sneakers. You wear them on a normal day, to a special event... wherever! You just like—no, love—to be comfortable.
You absolutely adore wearing dresses! With headbands, boots, nerdy glasses… you name it.
Your music library is composed mainly of:
Hip Hop and Punk music.
Fun beats… something you could dance along to!
Songs by John Lennon, Nirvana, The Beatles, and all the other rock legends.
Hits by Van Morrison, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones!
Country music, especially Tim McGraw.
A lazy day at home calls for a marathon of:
Old flicks from the '70s like Manhattan.
Classic movies like the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland
the TV show called Friends... or basically any funny show!
What else but horror movies?
Love flicks like Love, Actually and Romeo and Juliet.
What do you do on your spare time?
Aside from shopping, you also love to cook (you even want to be a chef someday!).
What spare time? You're too busy chasing your dreams!
You like singing and hanging out with your dad at home. Oh, and dancing!
Writing and reading all kinds of books.
Writing songs, taking photos, editing videos, and other artsy stuff.
What kind of people do you want to surround yourself with?
People who are lighthearted and at the same time disciplined.
Witty conversationalists who could crack a joke or two while talking.
Carefree individuals who do what they want and aren't scared of change at all.
Someone who is laid-back and tough.
Passionate, kind, and artistic people.
If in an alternate universe you find yourself in a restaurant with 5 adorable Hollywood guys all looking as if they're waiting for you, you'd go to the table where __________ is sitting.
Justin Bieber
Andrew Garfield
Liam Hemsworth
Robert Pattinson
No one. You're still searching for the right guy… and probably writing songs about the ones who broke your heart.
What ice cream flavor do you love to eat for dessert?
Rocky road
Cookies and cream
Cookie dough
Chocolate caramel

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