While You Were Sleeping: Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson Get Into a Twitter Spat Because of Naughty Boy

by Macy Alcaraz   |  May 7, 2015
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We never thought we would live to see the day. Mates, friends, former bandmates trash talking on Twitter for all of their fans to see. It's breaking our hearts.

While you were sleeping, Louis Tomlinson posted a sassy remark on his timeline that made us wonder. What could this be about? 



Though nobody was @mentioned in his tweet, people assumed it was in reply to this post of Naughty Boy. This tweet was apparently a reply to Liam Payne's Instagram post from a few days ago, which he captioned "New fifth member? I think so."



Now, this isn't the first time that Louis and Naughty Boy have gotten on each other's nerves on Twitter. Remember when Louis got mad at Naughty Boy for riling up fans so soon after Zayn Malik had left One Direction? But what we didn't expect was for Zayn to get involved in all of this.



There's no mistaking that he meant for Louis to read his scathing remark because he obviously @replied to him. We're still trying to process what's going on, but we're super sad that this is happening—and we're pretty sure you are, too.

Louis didn't reply to Zayn, but made sure to give Naughty Boy a piece of his mind.



Not long after, #TOMLINSONSLAYSAGAIN trended worldwide on Twitter. Fans are obviously upset and some are even expressing their disappointment over Zayn's tweet to Louis.

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Vas happenin', you guys? Can't everyone just get along? What are your thoughts about this whole Twitter mess? Are you siding with Louis? Or are you backing up Zayn and Naughty Boy? Or are you just wishing all of this is just part of some horrible nightmare that you'll wake up from soon enough? Leave a comment or tweet us @candymagdotcom and let's talk about our ~feelings~.


UPDATED (May 7 at 1:00PM): Zayn tweeted his reply after getting flak from Directioners for his tweet which mentioned Louis.

However, instead of getting support from his fans, Zayn got mixed reactions—most of them, heartbroken and confused still. 

What about you, Candyrectioners? How do you feel about Zayn's tweet? Let's talk about all our feelings in the comments or via Twitter.

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