Which Twilight Character Are You?

Have you been bitten by the Twilight craze? Take this quiz to find out which character fits you best.by Melissa Santiago
  |  Dec 27, 2008
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Which of the following describes you best?
clumsy, forgiving, mature
warm, carefree, outdoorsy
smart, talented, charming
Which of the following would you most likely give as a gift?
Concert tickets
Something handmade
What do you think is your worst flaw?
I don't value myself enough.
I have a bad temper.
I am overprotective.
Your crush is:
also crushing on me.
in love with someone else.
unaware of how amazing he is.
What is the worst thing you've ever done?
I hurt my parents' feelings.
I hid something from my friend.
I lied to someone I love.
What animal represents you best?
What is your philosophy on love?
I can make sacrifices to be with the one I love.
I'm happy as long as my loved one is happy.
It's okay if I get hurt, as long as I'm doing what is best for the one I love.
How well can you keep a secret?
I can definitely keep a secret.
I would probably spill.
I unconsciously give out clues.
How do you sleep?
I talk in my sleep.
I sleep like a baby.
I don't sleep... much.
You unexpectedly found yourself having dinner with your crush. What would you order?
The first thing I see on the menu.
A lot of food. I'm starving.
Nothing. I'm on a special diet.
If you were asked on a date, you would:
agree to go, but just as friends.
go willingly, without a second thought.
immediately know the person's intentions.
Would you want to become a vampire?
Yes, if it's to be with the one I love.
No, vampires are creepy.
No, I want to keep my soul.
Your ideal car would be:
big and sturdy.
a vintage, tuned-up car.
fast and sleek.
What do you think of werewolves?
They're okay.
They're totally awesome!
They're repulsive and stinky!
If you could have a super power, what would it be?
To create a shield that protects the ones I love
The ability to shape-shift
To be able to read minds
On a date, you would prefer to:
go anywhere, as long as you're with the person you love.
take a walk along a beach.
have a candle-lit dinner at a restaurant.
What do you like to do with your free time?
I read books.
I hang out with my friends.
I listen to music.
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