Which Teen Wolf Heroine Are You?

With Alison gone, Teen Wolf's fresh batch of girls is vying to be your new spirit animal. Are you a Malia, Kira, or Lydia?
by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Jul 17, 2014
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You were up all night re-reading Isla and the Happily Ever After, so you find yourself nodding off in Math class. Just your luck, your teacher catches you, like, five seconds after you close your eyes (you swear!), and now he’s asking you to solve an equation on the board. You:

Barely resist rolling your eyes and solve the equation without even pausing to check it. You got this. 

Take your time walking up to the board, your back hunched and your fists clenched as if you're going to war—because you are. You're not going to let those stupid inanimate numbers win even if you have barely any idea how to solve them. 

Know you studied this. It's just a matter of stopping yourself from trying to please everyone that you end up disappointing them and yourself.

What's your style equation?

Statement/sporty tee + skater skirt + sneaker wedges. You like to change things up, but it’s important that whatever you wear allows you to move freely.

You don't really know except that your denim jacket is your BFF.

Prints + prints. You're an expert at mix-and-matching trends.

Mobile phones are strictly forbidden in school, but of course you and your friends find ways to check Instagram in between classes. You've just put away your phone when a teacher catches your two girl friends on an IG heart-spree. Busted!

You promptly take out your phone and tell your teacher, "If you're going to punish them, you have to punish me, too!" (Of course she does.)

You discreetly push your phone deeper inside your bag, thankful that you always have it on silent mode in school. No sense defending your friends—they were caught in the act! 

Your friends quickly switch to the Merriam Webster app like you taught them to, and appeal to the teacher that they were just proofreading their papers. You cross your fingers that the trick works!

Which Pharrell song from G I R L is your current favorite?

"Brand New."


"Marilyn Monroe."

You're sort of dating this guy, and your dad found out because he's sneaky like that. What do you do when he sits you down for a talk?

You seriously hope this hypothetical but highly likely situation never happens because you haven't even DTR-ed yet, and you don't want to worry about your dad's overreaction on top of it!

You have no qualms telling your dad that you're just hanging out with the guy, which is the truth. Sort of. You think he won't ground you for simply making friends. Ish.

You don't mean to, but you spill out all the thoughts that keep you up at night. Do you like him? Like, really like him? Does he like you back? Do you want him to like you back? Where is this going? Why does he have to be so cute? Your dad ends up calling your mom for backup.


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