Which Taylor Swift Song Are You?

Find out which hit this country crooner could have written for you!by Marla Miniano
  |  Jan 16, 2010
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Your life will suck without:
big dreams and the passion to pursue them.
love. It makes your world go round.
a sense of humor. And Big Bang Theory episodes.
Someday, you will:
be president.
marry the man of your dreams.
tell your kids about your silly mishaps as a teen.
Your Facebook status updates are always:
inspiring quotes from your favorite movies or books.
emotional song lyrics that capture exactly how you feel.
about an amusing accident that recently happened to you.
The star of your bedroom wall is:
your current goal written in bold letters, a la Rachel Berry.
a huge poster of RPattz in all his dreamy glory.
a collage of your baby pictures. They still make you smile.
You feel prettiest in:
a basic button-down blouse and a classic pair of jeans.
a dainty top, a frilly skirt, and your lucky heart necklace.
a plain white tee and denim shorts that aren't too short. You don't like drawing attention to yourself.
Your friends think you should be more:
laid-back and carefree.
practical and realistic.
outgoing and assertive.
The first thing you did when you woke up today was
read the newspaper (the whole thing, not just the comics section).
replay last night's kilig phone conversation with your crush.
panic. You overslept—again.

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