Which Shailene Woodley Character Could Be Your Bestie?

by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Feb 24, 2014
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It's finally the weekend! What are you guys planning to do?
The question is what are you not planning to do? You're going to try the new zipline attraction south of the city, then drive to EK just because, and cap off the weekend with a horror flick marathon.
Put the finishing touches on your cosplay outfits and then head to the manga convention at the mall.
John Green is in town (WE WISH) so of course you're going to the book-signing event with your bestie, who also loves him present tense.
The mean girls in school are being particularly nasty to you today. What does your BFF do?
Hunt them down and give them a piece of her mind.
Try to cheer you up by making fun of their nasally accents and the peculiar way they walk when boys are around.
Offer to be your 24/7 lookout so you never have to cross paths with them.
What's her guilty pleasure?
Spending a whole day at the spa—with you of course.
Sleeping in.
Taking off her earphones and playing music on full blast in her room.
What's she like when it comes to boys?
She's so shy that you're usually the one who bridges the gap between her and the guy.
Sometimes you have to remind her that her self-deprecating jokes can send mixed signals to the guy she's seeing.
She doesn't fall very often, but when she does, she falls hard. Also: she’s your official wing(wo)man.
What's her last LSS song?
"Team" by Lorde
"Fragments of Time" by Daft Punk feat. Todd Edwards
"Follow Your Arrow" by Kacey Musgraves
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