Which Riverdale Character Are You?

Do you know which Riverdale character is your secret twin?
by Caitlin Anne Young   |  May 20, 2017
Image: Netflix
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As the season finale curtain falls on one of our favorite shows (fear not, though—Riverdale has been renewed for a second season!), we've got you covered. We know you're missing them as much as we do, so here's something to help you cope with the sudden absence of our fave TV characters. Take this quiz that will help you decide on which character you're most similar to.

How do you usually like to spend your weekend?

Writing songs.

Rewriting some drafts on my laptop—practice makes perfect, after all.

Hanging out with my family and friends!

Going on a shopping spree. A spa day won't hurt, too. I deserve it from all the week's stress!

Trying out new makeup looks.

Practicing for my next singing performances!

What's your go-to outfit?

Just a regular shirt and jeans...and my trusty sneakers. 


A dark hoodie to blend in and a beanie—and no, I don't care about having hat hair!

My comfiest sweater layered over a collared top. Cute without trying too hard.

Any dress topped off with a string of pearls—classy yet effortless.

A figure-hugging top and a miniskirt to show off my legs. 

I can jazz up mini-dresses with boots and cat ears!

At a party, which type of person are you?

The one everyone can chill with.

I hate parties, so in the unlikely event that you'll find me at one. I'll just be in the corner, raiding the fridge.

I usually just talk to people. I love making new friends!

The one who kills it on the dance floor!

Oh please, I'm the life of the party. No party is a party unless I'm invited.

The one singing her heart out with her girls onstage!

My biggest fear is...

Not being able to succeed in doing what I love.

Not being able to protect the ones I love.

Not being able to speak up or stand up for myself.

Reverting to my old ways or just not being a good person anymore.

Having all power and control taken from me.

Not being able to live up to my parents' expectations.

Last but not the least, what's your favorite diner food?

 I usually just get some fried chicken and fries.

Coffee, black like my soul. But cheeseburgers don't hurt, either.

A strawberry milkshake! Sweet and pretty to look at, too!

I love myself a chocolate milkshake, and I am definitely going to steal some of my friend's fries for dipping.

A salad—wait, what do you mean diners don't usually serve salads?

Something cool and bubbly—Coke float, maybe, and tons of ketchup on my fries.


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