Which Monte Carlo Girl Are You?

So are you the girl next door, the preppy princess, or the flirtatious wild child? Take this quiz to find out!
  |  Jun 30, 2011
courtesy of 20th Century Fox
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Top of your to-do list in Paris is
Have your picture taken on top of the Eiffel Tower.
Window shop at Hermes and Yves Saint Laurent on the Rue du Fauborg Saint Honore.
Visit the Louvre and see the Mona Lisa.
Your signature holiday style is
Relaxed denim cut-offs, cowboy boots or sneakers, and cotton tees.
Sexy short skirts and sky high heels with matchy-matchy accessories.
French-inspired preppy classics including Capri pants, ballet flats, and Breton-style tops.
On holiday you get mistaken for a famous socialite. Do you
Pretend not to notice the paparazzi and duck into the nearest bar/café/hotel lobby?
Pout, pose, and smile for the cameras?
Correct them immediately and point out their mistake?
Your next vacation will be spent
Volunteering for a charity—preferably at a kids camp run by the UN.
Staycationing at home with your boyfriend—there's no place like home!
Backpacking around the world, traveling from continent to continent with no fixed route in mind.
In preparation for your trip you've been reading
Classic French novellas including the Paris-set Gigi.
The society pages of French Vogue and Hello magazine.
An advanced conversational French phrase book.
Your travel essentials are
Six months of savings in Euros and your never-been-stamped passport.
A selection of teeny tiny bikinis and heels for every occasion.
Your sleeping mask, ear plugs, neck pillow, and air purifier.
You think Paris is known as
The City of Culture.
The City of Love.
The City of Light.

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