Which Les Misérables Character Are You?

Have you seen the movie? Take this to find out which of these four ladies are you most like!
by Mikee Carmona   |  Jan 20, 2013
photos courtesy of Universal Pictures (Les Misérables)
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Describe your relationship with your special someone.
We've known each other for a very long time and we're very close. Friends.
We've just met, but we've been in-love with each other ever since.
Well there isn't one! Anymore.
Oh, we're practically married! He does get quite annoying sometimes, now that we’ve been together for so long.
Your goal in life is to.
Become a truly good person.
Find The One and live happily ever after.
Be able to provide for the ones I love. I'm not really the type who aims for too much.
Become rich and famous! Oh, and support my family in becoming rich and famous.
If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be.
I’d probably stop myself from doing bad things, or illegal ones for that matter.
I would change my bad relationship with my dad. He's a great guy! I just didn’t see it.
I'd be more careful about decisions when it comes to love, especially about things I can't replace.
Nope, no regrets here. Maybe my current boyfriend, just maybe.
You'd describe your childhood as something
great! I was very pampered, although something didn't feel right about it.
abusive and horrible. I was practically enslaved.
so lonely, at times I actually felt abandoned.
you will never know anything about! My childhood is a mystery.
In school you'd most likely be
That cool, laid-back chick who sorta acts like a boy.
The sweet ladylike, yet surprisingly cheerful one.
The quiet introvert, observing people from a corner.
The infamous, loud, and funny life of the party.
In a cat-fight between your best-friend and your worst enemy, you would
try to break it off yourself, fortune favors the brave.
call for the dean to stop it.
call for them to stop and hope they listen to you.
go back to back with your best friend and teach that girl a lesson.
Your favorite Les Mis track is:
"Castle On A Cloud"
"On My Own"
"I Dreamed A Dream"
"Master Of The House"

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