Which Leading Lady Are You?

Take this quiz to find out.
by Jordy Castro   |  Nov 12, 2013
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These days the small screen is filled with dozens of smart and talented female characters, and with a whole fictional world of them it's easy to find someone to relate to. From aspiring singers to future fashion icons, the question is, which leading lady are you? Take this quiz to find out!

You find yourself in the middle of an argument between your best friend and your significant other. What would you do, if you were asked to side with one or the other?
Rationally think of a solution that will satisfy both your best friend and boyfriend without endangering your relationships with them.
Try to stay out of the argument by claiming to be neutral, but then actually try to solve the problem in strange, yet endearing ways.
Listen to both sides of the argument, but ultimately side with your best friend because of loyalty to that person.
Listen to both sides of the argument, but ultimately side with your boyfriend because of loyalty to that person.
Your dream job has always involved:
Performing in front of thousands of people.
Working with children.
Anything to do with art or photography.
Keeping up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.
The major problems in your life usually revolve around:
Your future career.
Your love life.
The secrets that you've kept from the people around you.
Your work life interfering with your personal life.
On normal days, what do you usually wear?
A preppy look, with a matching schoolgirl blouse to go with it.
A bright colored dress, preferably with a floral print.
A long blouse, with leggings, boots, and a leather jacket.
A retro fifties look, which includes lots of polka dots, fashion accessories, and of course gorgeous high heels.
It's movie night, and you're tasked to pick a movie to watch, which of the following would you prefer?
Phantom of the Opera
500 Days of Summer
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Sex and the City

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