Which Jonas Brother Are You Meant To Be With?

Take this quiz to see if you are MFEO with one of the JoBros.by Marla Miniano
  |  Jan 2, 2010
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The last person you texted was:
Your teacher, to thank her for giving you an A on your project.
Your guy bud. You just had to forward a silly joke to him.
Your little sister, reminding her to do her homework.
In one syllable, you are:
When you're sad, you bounce back by:
Being alone for as long as you need to. Clarity stems from solitude.
Hanging out with your hilarious friends. Laughter is the best medicine.
Doing something nice for someone else. It helps to spread the love.
It's your birthday tomorrow! You can't wait to:
Turn one year older, and get a clean slate of sorts.
Be queen for a day! You love being the center of attention.
Treat the gang to a fancy dinner.
Your ultimate favorite movie is:
500 Days of Summer. It's not all sunshine and happiness, but then again, neither is life.
13 Going on 30. Jennifer Garner makes one hilarious dork!
Marley and Me. You're nurturing by nature, and you love movies about kids and pets.
In your barkada, you are:
The Strong But Silent One. You don't say much, but you're ready to offer hugs and company anytime.
The Comic Relief. Your friends are always quoting your one-liners, and you've got a steady supply of icebreaker jokes.
The Mommy. Everyone turns to you when they're in trouble.
When you see your crush in the hallway, you:
Give him your signature soft smile that's 25% friendly, 75% mysterious.
Holler, "Yo wassup, tomato ketchup?" and slap him a high five.
Ask him how his Math test went and wish him luck on writing his Lit paper.

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