Which Hollywood Cutie Should You Take to Prom?

  |  Feb 6, 2010
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Your idea of a perfect date would be:
Stay at a coffee shop and talk about the latest news and goss.
Go to the mall and do anything you can think of.
Hang out in school and just talk while looking into each other's eyes.
How would you want your date to ask you to the prom?
He will send you flowers and a note delivered to your house asking you to be the belle of his ball.
He will ask you randomly while you blab about how you love the Jonas Brothers.
He makes a banner saying "Will you be my prom date?" and he stands in the middle of the caf holding it up for you to see. It will surely grab everyone's attention.
What is your favorite subject in school?
Literature. Reading books is my thing.
PE. I have too much energy to just sit and listen to the teacher.
Math. I like the thrill of solving problems and drills.
What's on your playlist?
Lily Allen's "Smile"
Lady GaGa's "Bad Romance"
Boys Like Girls's "Hero Heroine"
What do you usually do during your free time?
Catch up on my books and TV series.
Go to the mall and hangout with my friends.
Play bowling with my best guy bud.
What does your prom dress look like?
Classic princess ball gown.
A long tube gown.
Funky and fully beaded knee high dress.
How do you feel about this article?
How do you feel?
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