Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which character you are from the magical world of Harry Potter!
by Carina Santos   |  Jul 23, 2011
photos courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
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You are at a Quidditch game. What are you doing?
Cheering on my house, if they are playing. Otherwise, I am probably in the library.
Avoiding getting clobbered and trying to keep my house's score up!
Commentating on the weather or things like other people's unusual hats.
Taunting and name-calling any other house team! What's the point of watching it otherwise?
On the way to Potions class, you notice that your friend is crying. What do you do?
Give her a comforting squeeze, but make sure you make it in time for class.
Stay with her. It's an easy excuse to miss Potions.
Ask why she's crying and try to make her feel better. Things happen for a reason.
Turn the other way and pretend you didn't see anything.
What subject are you best at in school?
I'm good at everything except Divination, although that hardly qualifies as a subject.
If Quidditch were a class, my marks would be all Os.
Does Dumbledore's Army count as a subject?
I'm decent at everything, but I get my highest marks for Potions.
It's time for the holiday break! What are you going to be doing?
Nestled in the house with my parents, doing a little bit of advanced reading.
A quiet gathering with those that matter most to me.
Writing about wrackspurts and handing out copies of The Quibbler with my father in Diagon Alley.
Traveling with my family and shopping for when school resumes.
You find a lost wand in the Great Hall after dinner. What do you do with it?
Turn it over to Professor McGonagall or the first prefect you encounter.
Try to find out whose it is, but turn it over to a professor or a prefect if you can't.
Hand out fliers and try to find who it belongs to. It's not very fun, losing things.
Return to the owner, but in exchange for a hefty reward.
Quick! There is a Dementor blocking your way. What patronus do you conjure?
What is a patronus?

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