Which Actress Should Play You If Your Life Were a Movie?

Should Kathryn Bernardo, Julia Montes, or Janella Salvador play you in a movie about your life?
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  May 8, 2014
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On your free time, you usually. . .
Play with your younger siblings and cousins.
Stay fit. Hello, exercise and proper diet!
Take Instagram-y photos of things.
How does your go-to outfit look like?
A really pretty top, a pair of shorts, and a comfy pair of flats.
Anything comfy, really.
A dress and a pair of wedges.
What's your ideal guy?
I prefer a real man.
A guy who's playful, but still mature.
Any guy will do, just as long as he values the people I value too.
Which foreign actor would you cast as leading man?
Miles Teller. Not all people can see he's a softie inside, but I do.
Andrew Garfield. He's the right mix of adorbs and strength.
Theo James. He looks like someone who'll always have your back.
Where do you want to go this summer?
Rio de Janeiro. I want to feel the warmth of summer!
Paris. I want to be a hopeless romantic in the world's most romantic city!
New York. I want to recreate that opening scene from Breakfast At Tiffany's!
Which TV series are you totes obsessed with?
Carrie Diaries. I love how they dress up in the show.
Awkward. Because I am awkward most of the time.
The Vampire Diaries. I just can't get enough of the Salvatore brothers.
How do you usually turn down a guy?
I say that I'm still too young to have a boyfriend.
I talk to him, and tell him the specifics of why I think it won't work out between us.
I tell him he's going to find someone better than me.

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