What You Need To Know About That #AlDub Photo Making the Rounds on the Web

by Candymag.com   |  Aug 18, 2015
ART Trixie Ison PHOTO Instagram (@aldenrichards02)
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Earlier today, we were tagged in a tweet with a #throwback photo of Alden Richards and (a Candy Girl we're assuming is) Maine Mendoza more famously known as #AlDub on the noontime show Eat Bulaga

While we can't confirm that the person in the photo is actually "Yaya Dub" (we didn't snap the photo!), we can see that she was definitely excited about the Fair 5 years ago. And if we're to assume this tweet was about the blurred photos she took with Alden... Well.

But this we can totally vouch for: Alden was indeed at the Candy Fair in 2010 and he was actually known as Richard Faulkerson back then. Or RJ as he mentions in this video. :P

Richard, er, Alden appeared in the September 2010 issue of Candy and he was definitely not just an "extra" at the fair. He was part of that year's batch of Candy Cuties and they were all at the event to interact with the Candy Girls.

Five years later, who would've thought they'd meet (or not meet) again on national TV? Think something like this will happen again this year? You can buy your tickets to this year's #CandyFair2015 here: http://bit.ly/candyfair2015. We can't promise you a showbiz career, but we can promise tons of fun! ;)

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