What We Know So Far About the Descendants of the Sun Ending

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Apr 14, 2016
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Descendants of the Sun is airing its last episode today. We're having a bad case of sepanx already, but good thing they're airing a three-part special as a form of thanks for their loyal televiewers. We've been very curious about the ending as much as you are because we're really clueless about what might happen. So we're thankful someone is giving us something to hold on to until the last episode airs today.

The show's writer Kim Eun Sook, who's also famous for writing Lovers in Paris, commented on all of those who are worried about how DOTS might get a vague ending, saying, "I've heard that people think that the whole story is Yoo Si Jin's dream in the end. If that is the case then I might really need to immigrate to another country, because I would not be able to live in Korea. Viewers gave me trouble for my endings in the past. I don't think I want to make the same mistake again. I want to tell viewers to not to worry and watch the final episodes." (via AllKPop.com)

There you have it, you guys. No need to worry... so much. For now. Because let's admit it, this show's pretty good at leaving all of our jaws dropping to the ground.

Descendants of the Sun will air the last episode of the series today. The network will be airing a three-part special, including an epilogue, next week on KBS.

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