What We Know So Far About Niall Horan's Debut Album

Plus his brand new music video for his latest single, "Too Much To Ask."
by Macy Alcaraz   |  Sep 22, 2017
Image: MCA Music Inc.
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It was only a year ago when Niall Horan released his first solo track after One Direction went on hiatus. He was the last of his mates to release his own music so fans were pretty much excited to hear from the Irish lad. We've been itching to listen to the rest of the album and it's not too long before we finally hear more from Nialler. Here's what we know so far about the album.

It's called Flicker and will be out next month.

He celebrated his 24th birthday by announcing the release of his solo album along with the album art on Twitter.

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He's currently on tour to promote the record.

While he hasn't released the entire record yet, he has already started his Flicker Sessions, which began in Dublin, Ireland late last month. He stopped by Japan earlier this month but we're hoping he'll drop by the Philippines once the album has dropped.


He began his concept writing for the album on a trip to Southeast Asia.

Remember when news broke that Niall was spotted in Boracay? That trip actually inspired him to start conceptualizing his solo music. At a showcase in Singapore a few months back, he shared"I would say that it opened up my mind to different things. I had time to think about stuff and had time to write stuff down. I did a lot of my concept writing, story writing while I was in Asia."

He shares his new music with his bandmates even if they're on a break.

When asked if he still kept in touch with his One Direction mates, he told us who he sent one of his tracks to while he was working on Flicker. "I sent 'Slow Hands' to Louis. And I think he just wrote back, 'Tuuuuune' or something like that." He also shared that they would do the same with their music. He narrated, "I did the same to his last week. Because he played me a song recently, his next single is coming out in a couple of weeks, I think. And it was unbelievable." That single "Back to You" came out a couple of days after our interview.


He has since released 3 tracks from the record.

After releasing "This Town" in September of last year, "Slow Hands" was his second single, which dropped in May of this year. His latest release "Too Much to Ask" also features his first solo music video, which he just released today. The emotional MV already has 1.1M views as of this writing.

You can now pre-order his album!

If you can't wait for October 20, you can actually pre-order/pre-save his record on different platforms right now. Check out Apple Music, Spotify, NiallHoran.com, iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play!


What else can we expect from him?

In an interview with Candymag.com, Niall had this to say to his Filipino fans when asked what else they can expect from him. "The album, obviously, and then hopefully a trip down there. That would be great. I was also in the Philippines last year. That was great. Filipino people are so nice. Hopefully, I can get down there. That would be nice."

It won't be too long now till we hear the rest of the record. And we absolutely cannot wait, Nialler!

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