There's A Theory Behind The Names Of 'You' S2 Characters Love And Forty

Plus other things to expect from the second season (We promise, no plot spoilers)!
by Maddie Cruz   |  Jan 3, 2020
Image: Courtesy of Netflix
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Since its release over the holiday break, our social media feeds have been filled with memes and reactions to Yous second season, and rightfully so. While the story still revolves pretty much around Joe's obssesion with love (only in a more literal sense this time), the new season brings about a much more complex (and sinister!) storyline that’ll leave you hooked.

Some of you might have clicked on the play button as soon as the new season dropped. But if you're one of those who aren't emotionally ready to deal with Joe all over again, we totally understand! With that, we're providing you with a list of things to expect from the new season—just enough info for you to prepare your heart. We promise it’s spoiler-free! 

Some answers to Beck’s unresolved dilemmas.

The first season was pretty much all about Beck and her woes (particularly one pertaining to Joe's ex-girlfriend), and even so, we've been left with a lot of loose ends. Expect that this new chapter in Joe’s adventure (and misadventures) will finally put a rest to a lot of the questions in our heads. 


Characters with notable names that thicken the plot even further.

Be prepared to meet characters like Love, Delilah, Forty, Hendy, Ellie, and Amymany of whom, you’ll be in a love-hate relationship with. Also, take note of two characters' names, Love and Forty (who, btw, are twins). Many have theorized that their names are a reference to tennis, particularly the scoring: the game begins with zero points, which is also referred to in the sport as 'love,' and can reach a maximum of 40 points. Is there a significance behind the names??? We'll leave it up to you to decide. ;)

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New tactics from Joe.

Joe has left the Big Apple and found himself somewhere in the West Coast, specifically, Los Angeles. With a new identity, new motivations, and new goals, come new tactics from our protagonist-antagonist. Here's our only spoiler (kind of): you'll still expect character deaths in the second season.

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Getting blindsided as much as Joe will be. 

This one, you’ll have to see for yourself. But if you've been on social media following the hashtag for the show, you might already have a ~slight~ idea about this particular plot twist, but we suggest you get off the social apps and start watching season two to see for yourself.

Bonus: Social media tips.

As Joe becomes ready to venture into bolder quests, he finally decides to give social media a shot, in which he will be receiving some social media advice that actually does make sense. Hint: You’ll come across this mid-series. 

We highly suggest finding a comfortable spot, getting some snacks, and opting for a restroom break before proceeding to watch. Believe us, you won't be able to stop watching once you start—take it from someone who's just watched the entirety of the season! 

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