What These Actors Said About Song Joong Ki Made Us Love Him More

A.k.a. some of the reasons why we love him.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Sep 1, 2016
Image: KBS ART Clare Magno
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It's a fact: Descendants of the Sun actor and ultimate South Korean cutie Song Joong Ki is one of the nicest persons this planet has ever been blessed with. There are even times when we think we really don't deserve him (of course we do!). But here's the thing, we're not the only ones who admire the actor. Even the people who've had the chance to work with him think he's such a nice guy. Don't believe us? Read on to know what some Korean actors think of him below.

Jo In Sung on his relationship with SJK: "[Lee] Kwang Soo is kind but he requires a lot of attention. In that aspect, I think Song Joong Ki really gets me. He's smart. He's also very popular right now"

Gummy on how well-mannered the actor is: "I've been singing a lot of drama OSTs lately. I sang one for Descendants of the Sun. I went to the drama concert, and Song Joong Ki came and gave me a handbag... It's the first time I had a long conversation with Song Joong Ki. He was very kind and considerate."


Onew on how Joong Ki comforted him during DOTS: "The first episode was aired. There were a few of my scenes that were omitted. Since it was the first episode, I wanted to see when I'd appear. Joong Ki told me it happened to him before, too... He encouraged me, saying I would be better."

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Song Hye Kyo on her co-star and how nice he is: "As a person, Song Joong Ki is kind, hardworking, and polite with good manners. It's as everyone says. What people liked him about on set is that he was consistent. When people are having a hard time, they can act irritable but with Song Joong Ki, he was the same from beginning to end. He may be younger but I believed I had a lot to learn [from him]. Actors like him are rare these days. When I look at younger actors, there are many who aren't like him."


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