What Show Should You Flip Your Channel To?

Take this quiz to find out which TV series is perfect for a day in with popcorn and couch potatoes!
by Lyka Benitez   |  Oct 30, 2012
photos courtesy of ABC Family, The CW, Fox Broadcasting Co., and MTV
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In your circle of friends, you have always been known as:
The Romantic. You would go great lengths just to find your one, true love, and you absolutely live for romantic movies. Plus, you think the vampire trend isn't all that bad (especially if the vampires are cute!).
Who else but The Fashionista! You always see to it that you look good every time you go out.
The Musician or Music Aficionado. Whether it's One Direction, Adele, or Lea Salonga, you listen to them and you think they rock.
The Career Girl. Sometimes, you'd daydream about working in your dream job even while in class. Also, your extracurricular activity calendar is always full!
The Wallflower. You live your life just the way you want it. You think cliques are corny, thank you very much; you'd rather be alone.
At lunch, you always eat with:
Your boyfriend! Or, you know, your crush, who's totally into you.
Your own circle of friends and a couple of awesome, gay friends.
People who you could talk to about music and jam with afterwards.
Your best boy bud who's always beside you no matter what.
Your one and only closest friend.
You have three weeks of school break! What do you do to pass time?
Re-read the Twilight series and find other romantic, vampire-related movies and shows.
Shop for new clothes and check out some fashion blogs and magazines.
Hunt for new music, go to concerts, and practice with the music club you're in.
Try out DIY tutorials or probably start your own online shop selling handmade accessories!
Spend the whole day at home, writing on your blog and befriending kids from your neighborhood.
When you go out, it usually takes you...
An hour or so. It's not just the outfit—you also have to make time for your hair and your face.
Four minutes and twenty seconds. Exactly how long your new favorite song is!
As fast as you can! You need to do a lot of things: attend a meeting for a club you're in, go to the grocery to buy something your mom told you to buy, and then go to work right after.
You don't really care, as long as you have something on.
...And you are wearing?
Something simple!
A really trendy outfit that you scoured the malls for.
A simple band tee with jeans or a skirt.
You're busy, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't dress up! You would wear a blouse with a skirt that you've made yourself, paired with ballet flats.
You don't care either.
You like to hang out at:
Malls, coffee shops, or a friend's house!
Music stores and other chill places.
Art galleries and vintage stores to keep the inspiration coming!
Nowhere in particular.
When deciding on which movie to watch, you prefer:
Chick Flicks
Movies about careers like The Devil Wears Prada, 13 Going on 30, etc.
Movies set in high school, tackling issues about social hierarchies and such.
Five guys walk into the room you're in; you'll approach the one who you think gives off the vibe of:
the swoon-worthy Ian Somerhalder!
the playboy with a kind heart, Chuck Bass.
the preppy and musically-inclined Darren Criss from Glee.
a jock like Nick Fadden from Jane by Design.
Beau Mirchoff from Awkward.
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