What's New With Hanson?

by Melanie Santiago   |  Apr 2, 2012
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Mmm bop, ba duba dop, ba du bop, ba duba dop, ba du bop, ba duba dop, ba du, yeah!—Just reminiscing some tunes from one of Hanson's greatest hits "MMM Bop." If you liked them when they were kids then you’ll absolutely love them now! Not only have they aged handsomely but their music has become more mature, but what can you expect from them now? Here are 5 new things that we got from them .

  1. Their creative process for Shout It Out had more harmony and involved the whole band when it came to decisions regarding the arrangements, look, and sound of their music.
  2. They have their own campaign called Take the Walk, which is about doing tangible actions against the HIV/AIDS pandemic and poverty in Africa. They believe that it's really about getting a lot of people to do something possible. So they do a one-mile barefoot walk, donate dollars, and empower people to take action.
  3. They're into visual arts and a lot of painting, which makes them artists in different ways as well. They're into writing and playing Xbox games too. "A lot of Xbox," Isaac shares.
  4. One song that really inspired them to start a band is "Johnny B. Goode." The brothers shared that is what they memorized and sang together. Isaac mentioned that the song is what inspired him to be a guitarist. Other artists that inspire them are Paul Simon, Billy Joel, and other songs that stand the test of time.
  5. They're a mix of a realist, idealist, and optimist respectively, and that if they ever had a chance to shout something to the world, they'd say "carpe diem" or "sieze the day."

Their new songs "Thinkin' Bout' Somethin'," "Give A Little," and "Musical Ride" are worthy of making it to your summer playlist! Grab a copy of their album Shout It Out in record bars nationwide distributed by Polyeast Records.

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