What Legend of the Blue Sea Taught Us About Being Different

by Mira Blancada   |  Feb 4, 2017
Image: SBS
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In a world full of humans, Shim Cheong is the odd one. One might think that a mermaid like her had a hard time adjusting in our world and well, that's true. But along with these big changes in her life, she learned to love her true self more. Because of this, she protected herself from the ones who disliked her being different, and treasured the people who loved her for being one.

We all have a Shim Cheong inside us, so we made a list for the girls who feels they're different because it's about time you know that your unique self is your awesome self!

  1. Being different from each other will never be an excuse when it comes to love.

Honestly, that's when you know it's real love; when you fall in love with someone you've never expected you'll fall in love with. Things may get out of hand, but as long as your hearts beat for each other, everything will be okay in the end.

  1. Being different shouldn't stop you from taking risks.

Shim Cheong went to the human world, even though there's a possibility she might fail from making Heo Joon Jae fall in love with her; she still took the risk. It's because being different shouldn't stop you from doing the things you want. You'll never know what will happen unless you get out of your comfort zone. It's better to try than to regret it someday.

  1. Being different makes you unique.

Love your true self even if people think you're weird! Truth to be told, everyone has their own weird side that pops up every now and then. Even the serious Heo Joon Jae can be odd sometimes, especially when he's jealous. You and your barkada might get along when it comes to humor, but you're all different when it comes to music or even food and that's completely normal. Embrace your unique self because being being dull is never cute.

  1. Being different isn't scary.

While it's true that there are a lot of people who don't like it when someone's different from them, who cares? The only opinion that matters is the one you have of who you are. Shim Cheong never cared if people thought her clothes are weird or that she's crazy. Always do you, Candy Girl.

  1. Being different captivates the people who love the real you.

As long as the most important people in your life love you, then you have no problem! Not everyone will like you, so why try and change yourself for their happiness? Shim Cheong only had three people who loved the real her, and she seems to be really fine with it. It's because she only cares for them. You're a beautiful and unique girl, so if people tell you you're different from them, be happy about it because in a world full of ordinary, you're the rare find.

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