What It's Like to Go to a Science High School, According to PSHS Alumni

Contrary to popular belief, a social life is actually integral.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Jan 8, 2021
Image: YOUTUBE/mar's notes
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There are a lot of misconceptions about going to a science high school. Because they are specialized, the curriculum is deemed challenging and only students who are well equipped to take it on are admitted through an examination.

If you've been curious about what the life of a student in a science high school is like, Philippine Science High School graduate Marie (who owns a YouTube channel called mar's notes) together with her friends Cai and Migs sat down and debunked the common assumptions about science high schools.

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They have to take a STEM-related course in college

The curriculum of a science high school is heavily loaded with math and science subjects. The students also receive education under free tuition, but according to Marie and her guests, part of the deal is that they would have to take a college degree program that's STEM-related.

Rather than being smart, students are hardworking

Because everyone in the school possesses a certain level of intelligence, being smart alone is not enough. You have to put in the work to stand out or excel.


Marie and her guests also mentioned that the curriculum is somewhat advanced compared to non-science high schools, which gave them an advantage in college. Some topics being discussed in their majors were touched on already back in high school.

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They have their low moments, too

Because the curriculum is demanding and the environment can get competitive, students also sometimes struggle with maintaing their academic performances. Crying is normal and sleeping in school is a common sighting among students. What Marie, Cai, and Migs have noted, however, is that a solid support system--the school's guidance counselor as well as friends who suffer with you--is incredibly helpful.

They still get to have a social life

Another assumption about science high school students is that they're all focused on acads 24/7 and have no time for other things, which isn't true. Just like the regular high school student, they're still normal people, too. In fact, having a social life and a good support system, as mentioned previously, is integral in keeping their mindsets positive.


Watch Marie's video to learn more:


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