What Have X-Factor Winners Alex & Sierra Been Up To?

They're still super cute and in love!
by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Aug 21, 2014
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I finished marathon-ing X-Factor season three last night and now I'm all about winners Alex & Sierra. I know I'm so late to the party, but better late than never! They're a crazy cute and talented couple who makes me believe in true love and legit cheese and Pegacorns (Pegasus + unicorn, T-Swift patent pending). In case you're like me a couple of weeks ago, here's a quick guide to their story.

Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton auditioned on The X-Factor with their version of Britney's "Toxic." "Brother and sister?" "No, we kiss, so that'd be weird." Haha! They're really good at putting their own twist on pop songs like "I Knew You Were Trouble" and "Say My Name."

For a while, Sierra was always on the hot seat because she had only been singing in public for a year and Alex was usually pitch perfect. But they worked on it together and soon the judges were singing her praises, too. She played the piano onstage for the first time when they performed "Say Something," which was also their victory song when they were declared winners. I got teary-eyed watching the finale! That break in Alex's voice when he sang, "Anywhere I would've followed you"? UGH.

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Eight months after their big win, they now have a brand-new original song teasing their upcoming debut album, It's About Us. "Scarecrow" is exactly the kind of music I imagined them making, with heaps of that raw and real vibe they're known for. "'Scarecrow' is about that moment when a person can't really communicate their feelings," Sierra tells Teen Vogue. "It's a hopeful song. You believe in your relationship so much that you're willing to try and wait for the person that doesn't think they're able to express all of what they feel."

They've also released the song "Just Kids" with a music video that had them going back to their acoustic roots.

I seriously can't wait for It's About Us to drop in October. Here's hoping that duet with Dylan O'Brien makes it to the album!

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