We're So Excited for Lucy Hale's New Show

This Pretty Little Liar is all grown-up in Life Sentence.
by Dyan Zarzuela   |  May 22, 2017
Image: The CW
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The Fault in Our Stars, Me Before You, A Walk to Remember—there are so many movies about a doomed love story involving some sort of terminal illness that have made us cry our hearts out. But what happens when the illness is taken out of the equation? What happens when these characters can finally live their lives like other people?

That's the interesting premise of Lucy Hale's upcoming show, Life Sentence, where she plays Stella, a cancer patient who for the past eight years has been living each day like it's her last. (Gotta be honest: Part of us is expecting A or A.D. to be the mastermind behind all this misery.)

Stella's got a loving family, a devoted husband, and a strong support system. She has made the best of her crappy situation, and now that she’s cured, she finally has the chance to live like each day won't be her last. But as we very well know, getting through everyday life is also a beastly challenge in itself—and this time Stella can no longer use the cancer card. (Well, she does try to use it, but her guilt and fear of karmic retribution get her to 'fess up!)

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It's not just Stella who has to find her bearings in her new world order. For the past eight years, her family has been doing everything to maintain the emotionally positive environment that her doctor prescribed. That meant keeping secrets from her, and now everything's rising to the surface: her mom leaving her dad, her mom being lesbian, her sister giving up a prestigious scholarship to take care of her, her brother resorting to sketchy ways to make money because cancer treatment is no joke.


Then there's her husband, Wes. Sweet, adorable, head over heels in love with her, Wes. Overjoyed he may be about postponing the "till death do us part" in their vows, he's worried about where he fits in her life now that she's no longer, well, dying. On a lighter note, Stella is also discovering new things about Wes, like the revelation that Love Actually is not his favorite movie (blasphemy!), and that he can't keep going outside whenever he has to fart because winter is coming and it's too darn cold outside. (LOL.)

And on a kilig note, Wes is played by Elliot Knight, who also played a cute love interest in No Tomorrow, another delightful rom-com series from the same network that was unfortunately canceled after just one season (!!!). The actor isn't the only common link between the two shows—based on the trailer, Life Sentence has a similar tone as No Tomorrow: the quirky, upbeat, sunlight-drenched vibe complementing the dark, literally apocalyptic undertones of the story. While nothing can quite fill the hole left by No Tomorrow, we have high hopes for Life Sentence. Here’s hoping it does better and lasts much longer!


You can catch Life Sentence later this year.

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