Watching (Like, Really Watching) Beauty and the Beast's TV columnist watches the show sans nail polish. Whut? It'll make sense when you clickity click.
by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Feb 7, 2013
photo courtesy of The CW (Beauty and the Beast)
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You know how there are shows you treat as background noise? Like something you watch while fixing your baon, cleaning your closet, or doing your nails? We at the Candy HQ call them "nail polish shows" because we spend more time looking at our digits (or other stuff) than the screen. Sorry, Lana Lang, but Beauty and the Beast is one of my top nail polish shows. (See also: Hart of Dixie, 90210.) Just for kicks, I tried watching the latest episode sans nail polish et al.

  • Love that they opened the show with "Punching in a Dream" by The Naked and Famous, which I first heard on the aca-awesome Pitch Perfect.
  • Seriously, Vincent is the least beastly beast ever.
  • Uyyy, holding hands. I never noticed how wholesome they are until Macy pointed out that it's been 11 episodes and the most they've done is hold hands. If this were Gossip Girl, Vincent would be cheating on Catherine with her little sister by now.
  • Vincent: "It's okay, I'll call her (his ex) back." Burn!
  • Catherine: "You were planning your life (with Vincent's ex) for six years."
    Vincent: "Six years and a childhood." Double burn!
  • Vincent: "We've (as in him and Catherine) hardly known each other for a few months." Triple burn! And all these in just one conversation! Now that is beastly.
  • I don't like Vincent’s ex a.k.a. towel dropper, but I love her red hair.
  • Towel dropper is stealing medical supplies to help people—I call it. AND THEN a few episodes later, we'll find out she’s a spy like Evan the cute medical examiner's new girl.
  • So this week's case is Who Killed the Rich Dude's Wife? I say it's the CFO. Those eye bags scream bloody murder.
  • Seeee, towel dropper was stealing to help people!
  • "Are my earrings too slutty?" #s***girlssay
  • Forget good cop, bad cop. Meet bitter cop, bitter cop.
  • Seeee, the CFO killed the wife! So obvious.
  • Vincent: "Alex is willing to give up her life to go with me... would you?"
    Catherine: "Would she? If she knew the truth?" HA! Sassy snaps for you!

Beauty and the Beast airs Tuesdays at 7 pm on ETC.

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