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Watch These Candy Girls Get Major Kilig With Jerome Ponce

We're totally jealous of these lucky girls!

So imagine walking around Watsons one lazy Saturday.

You're mindlessly walking along the aisles, probably looking for your favorite lip balm or waiting or your mom to finish her shopping, when someone suddenly taps you on the shoulder. You turn around to find a cutie smiling sweetly at you, handing you a lollipop. You instantly melt into a smile. Then he tells you that your smile caught his eyes and he gives you that lip balm you've been looking for for hours. 

Jerome Ponce

Oh and hey, isn't this guy a dream? It's like he came out of your television screen and went straight to your reality. Wait, he looks like the guy from Be Careful With My Heart... OMG, it IS him!

It's totally true! We went around the metro with Jerome Ponce and Maybelline Baby Lips New Generation Candy Cuties CJ Uy, Emil Khodaverdi, and Mark Rivera to spot lovely ladies and make their day extra sweeter.

We gave the girls lollipops and lippies like the Baby Lips Dr. Rescue Icy Mint, Electro Pop Minty Sheer, Pink Glow Baby Pink, and Berry Crush.

Check out this video to see what happened.

Watch These Candy Girls Get Major Kilig With Jerome Ponce


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