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by Bianca Mascenon   |  Mar 14, 2016
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One thousand and one, one thousand and two, one thousand and three, one thousand and four, one thousand and five, one thousand and six... What can happen in anything less than a minute? Not much, you say? Get ready to be proven wrong by these five ingenious Viners who will get you rolling on the laughing, all in the span of six savage seconds.

Ethan and Grayson Dolan, 16

Prepare for trouble, and make it double. These brothers play pranks on each other and then go back at it again for payback, making for an unending cycle of scares, wrestling matches, slaps, and well, dance numbers. Add that to the vines about their ridiculous #TwinProblems—we don't really know why these are so funny, they just are.

Brent Rivera, 18

The struggle is real—but you're not alone. Yes, we too pretended to fall asleep in the car to get carried as a kid, get excited for summer but then realize we have no friends, and set 10 alarms but never get up for any of them. If you're looking for someone who truly gets you, look no further than Brent's page for vines that are #SoRelatable, you'll want to share them with all your friends.

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Crawford Collins, 18

Talk about bro-mance. Filled with funny and creative mini-sketches with his equally cute brother, Chris Collins (a.k.a. WeeklyChris), you'll want to sit back and just go through his vines the whole day. A word of warning: Brace yourself for the corniest jokes you'll ever hear and get ready for the worst of puns. We dare you not to laugh—you can try, but you won't succeed.

Lele Pons, 19

Hailed as one of the "coolest girls on the web," Lele is definitely someone you'd want to watch. From tips and tricks on how to get your crush to notice you to the struggle of having to wake up for school, this hilarious Latina's got you covered. Oh, and watch out for her new novel, How to Survive High School. If anyone could teach you how to get through, it would be no one other than Lele.

Danny Gonzales, 21


This guy inserts himself into the funniest situations—by that we mean Danny edits himself in really badly, but we have to say, it's impressive. Between finding himself inside movies as if he blue skidoo-ed into them and literally bringing puns to life, get your daily dose of pop culture as this clever Viner turns them into comedy gold.

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