FYI, Inzahgi From 'Vincenzo' Is *Not* Real

Inzaghi's acting chops had us convinced!
by Hanna Tamondong for   |  Apr 20, 2021
Image: (L) YouTube/TVN DRAMA, (R) Courtesy of Netflix
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Well, well, well it looks like tVN has surprised us once again because Inzaghi, the pigeon in Vincenzo, is not real and is a result of next-level computer graphics!

In the earlier episodes of the hit Netflix drama, we witnessed Inzaghi and Vincenzo's first ~meeting~ when the bird began disturbing him by making sounds while he was asleep. Inzaghi would do this over and over again, and Vincenzo would get so annoyed, he would start speaking in Italian (like when he first arrived in South Korea and was mugged)!

Inzaghi did not stop there—he even brought a chingu (friend) to Vicenzo's room when he left the window open! The pigeons left a huge mess and our mafia corn salad had to sleep in the living room because of this.

It looks like Inzaghi had a great impact on Vincenzo because when they had to film a video to spill the tea about the Babel Group, the character he portrayed was...Inzaghi! This clip never fails to leave me in stitches:


As time goes by however, it looks like Vincenzo has grown fond of the pigeon to the point that he would even give him food.

When Vincenzo was in dire need, Inzaghi came to the rescue like a true friend! Paolo's hitmen *almost* killed our mafia but thanks to the pigeon and his squad who popped out of nowhere to save him, Vincenzo's life was spared and he was the one who killed the evil men. Hooray! That moment was truly so unforgettable for him that when Cha Young accused Inzaghi of pooping on the rooftop, Vincenzo replied: "Inzaghi is not that kind of pigeon. I bet it was other pigeons. Don't badmouth Inzaghi." LOL!

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Vincenzo and Inzaghi's newfound friendship warmed our hearts but it was immediately broken when we discovered that the pigeon does not exist in real life! In a behind-the-scenes clip by tvN, it was shown that a bird made out of paper was used in place of Inzaghi, and everything else was done using technology. I mean, all this time we thought he was a trained pigeon! My whole life is a lie, huhuhu.

Vincenzo's Inzaghi is not real
YouTube/tvN DRAMA

The internet was also shocked to find this out and in the YouTube video's comments section, you'll find netizens expressing their feelings: "We're all fooled by Inzaghi." "I really thought Inzaghi is real. Hahaha. The power of editing." On Twitter, fans felt the same way and said: "Inzaghi if you're not real then what am I?" Same, girl. Same.


This is not the first time that tvN had us shocked (and impressed) with their technology because all the "Italy" scenes in the K-drama were also purely CGI.

Watch the full behind-the-scenes video of Vincenzo right here (and take a moment to appreciate how Song Joong Ki hugged one of his co-actors after a fighting scene. Joong Ki = best boy!!):

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