We Found Out Vico Sotto's Go-To TV Shows Before Becoming Mayor In His Sister's Podcast

Watch more of Paulina and Vico's sibling banter here.
by Francesca Pangilinan   |  Apr 10, 2020
Image: YOUTUBE/Kanin Konvos, INSTAGRAM/vicosotto
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Before being the awesome Pasig City mayor who’s been making headlines left and right these days, Vico Sotto appears to be just like any other kuya we have (or wish we had!) when he spends time with his younger half-sister, Paulina Sotto Llanes.

Can't imagine Mayor Vico off-duty? (We're sure he hasn't had time off in a while...) We have receipts from Paulina and husband Jed Llanes’ podcast called Kanin Konvos. In an old episode, which was recorded on June 16, 2019 (the eve of Vico’s 30th birthday), Paulina and Jed put the seriousness of politics aside and got to have a fun chat with Vico about their memories growing up, their fave TV shows, and more, weeks before he was officially sworn in as mayor on June 30. (Remember when he hilariously asked to have tarps with his face and birthday greeting taken down?)

To give you a refresher, Vico and Paulina are half-siblings. Their father is well-known comedian Vic Sotto. Vico’s mom is actress Coney Reyes while Paulina’s mom is former actress-slash-model Angela Luz. Their other half-siblings include Danica Pingris and Oyo Boy Sotto, and two-year old Tali.


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Paulina is currently an artist. She graduated cum laude from Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in Communication.


She got married to Jed in 2017, and they are now expecting their first child, a baby girl to be named Sachi, later this year. Vico Sotto also attended Ateneo, finishing an undergraduate degree in Political Science before taking his master's in Public Management.

Throughout the podcast, we discover new and fun things about the millennial mayor his relationship with his sibling:


Vico was around five years old while Paulina was three years old when they saw each other for the first time (from what Vico remembers, at least).

He wasn't sure about the exact age, but during the beginning of the podcast, Vico recounted his first impression of his little sister when he met then-toddler Paulina. He asked their dad, “Papa, why is there a siopao? I thought you were going to introduce me to my little sister. Why is there a siopao? It should be a human.”

Apparently the two siblings just looked at each other for a long time, and the two disclose that they were both quite shy then and neither Vico nor Paulina were that talkative as kids. They spent most of their weekends together watching movies, and playing video games on Play Station 1 (including Dance Dance Revolution, even though they say neither of them can dance very well).


Paulina got annoyed at Vico on her wedding day.

Paulina and Jed married in 2017 in Batangas. During their wedding reception, Vico jokingly pinched Paulina without realizing how tired his sister was from the celebration. “I was like ‘awww, my sister is so cute, she just got married’ and then biglang nag-walk out? Ano ba ‘yan,” he recalls jokingly.

His favorite movie is Zoolander.

Vico reveals that his favorite movie of his dad is Enteng Kabisote: OK Ka Fairy KoThe Legend. His favorite TV show is The Office, but recognizes that Friends as the most ~iconic~. He also likes watching the Ukranian political satire Servant of the People. ("I'm pretty interested in government...") He obviously likes comedy!

He got a semi-kalbo cut before.

Paulina remarks, “I kind of remember that and I was secretly judging you.” Only sisters can be this honest.

He doesn’t listen to music nowadays.

“My problem is that my Spotify expired. I haven’t paid for it,” Vico jokes. He says he has a Premium account but the last payment didn’t process, so he wasn't listening to much music then. Lol! Considering it's been almost a year since, here's to hoping the issue has been resolved!


He's already had surgery on both knees.

Vico played a lot of basketball in his mid-20s. It somehow took a toll on his knees which required surgery. But he’s okay now and we’re guessing he’s still a big Toronto Raptors fan!

He has a bad habit of forgetting keys.

Yikes! Because of this, Vico wasn’t able to go to one of Paulina’s birthday parties. He came from playing basketball and found out that nobody was home to open the door for him. He had no keys so he couldn’t go inside and get changed. He didn’t want to show up at a party looking all sweaty and wearing a jersey. So Vico texted Paulina and said “Hey, sorry I couldn’t make it.” Paulina says she was supposed to reply “Okay lang, 'di ka naman invited!” to which they all laughed.

Watch more of Paulina and Vico’s sibling asaran below:


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