Vanness Wu is Back with Autumn's Concerto

Meteor Garden's Vanness Wu makes a television comeback with the Korean drama, I Love You So (Autumn's Concerto).
  |  Jan 24, 2011
photo courtesy of ABS-CBN
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ABS-CBN will premiere Taiwan's highest rating romantic drama, I love You So (Autumn' Concerto) today starring F4's Vanness Wu and Ady An. The story is somewhat like She's All That where a conceited law student makes a bet to go for a girl who sells bento boxes in their school canteen and eventually falls in love with her in the end. Their love story gets more complicated when Stanley's (Wu) mom gets in the way of their relationship and blackmails Michelle (An) to stay away from Stanley and leave town. Little did she know she's already bearing Stanley's child.

Will they rekindle their love after seeing each other again six years later? Find out and watch the premiere today before Sabel on ABS-CBN.

(via Showbiznest)

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