All the Unscripted Moments in the 3 'To All the Boys' Movies

The three movies are filled with them!
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Feb 23, 2021
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The To All the Boys trilogy is finally complete with the recent drop of the third film on Netflix, and fans are ones again treated to a bunch of memorable scenes and moments between the tight-knit cast. 

One of the things that made the movies more memorable? Probably the crazy chemistry between the cast members and their immense talent and composure that allowed for impressive unscripted moments to make it to the films' final cut. In case you wan't to look back at the improvised moments during the making of the three movies, here's a list of the ones we know of!

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

When Peter moved the popcorn while playing with Kitty

Remember when Peter came over and watched a film with Lara Jean and Kitty decided to join in, and Peter ended up in a playful pillow fight with Kitty? Many viewers noted how it was ~suave~ of Peter to put down the popcorn from the couch to the ground to avoid it from spilling without missing a beat in his pillow battle with Kitty. Fans were even more in awe when they found out that it was not part of the script and was all Noah's idea!

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When Chris attended a late-night "EDM concert thing"

Before the field trip, we see LJ's best friend Chris settled and sleeping quietly on her seat in the bus, while Peter tries to sway LJ into sitting beside him instead of Chris. Peter says, "I saw her Snapchat. She was up all night at this EDM concert thing." LJ goes to sit beside her anyway, leaving Peter to sit with Gen.


When they get off the bus, we see Chris and LJ walking into the hotel lobby while Chris was describing her late-night rendezvous to LJ. "Chris says, "And it wasn't like an EDM concert, it was more like a rock..." and makes a gesture with her hand. LJ proceeds to reply with a scarcastic, "Oh, okay." Turns out, this conversation was not part of the script, too! Madeleine Arthur, the actress who played Chris, revealed that she just added the 'rock' bit and Lana Condor just casually played along. IRL, both actresses are pretty close and would often come up with funny shenanigans off-screen.

When Peter did a back-pocket twirl on LJ

Probably one of the most famous off-the-script moment in the first movie was when Peter twirled LJ back to him through her back-pocket! It was a kilig-inducing moment that made fans swoon for Peter--and Noah--even more.


Lara Jean's lockscreen wallpaper

There's a scene in the movie where we get a glimpse of LJ's phone lockscreen wallpaper, and it's this cute photo of LJ and Peter K taking a nap on the couch. It turns out that it was actually a photo of Noah and Lana taken by a production crew member while they were cozily sleeping beside each other in between takes. 

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To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

John Ambrose's piano scene with LJ

We all know that Jordan Fisher, the actor who played John Ambrose McClaren, is talented not only in the acting department but also in music. It isn't surprising to find out that Jordan completely made up the beautiful piano piece he played during a kilig scene with LJ. "The piano scene wasn’t mapped out for me specifically, they kind of wanted me to just do my own thing where the music was concerned," Jordan shared during an interview with Candy.


To All the Boys: Always and Forever

When LJ told Peter that she didn't get into Stanford

While in a cute pastry shop in New York City, LJ finally told Peter that she didn't get accepted by Stanford after stressing out about it. Peter was supportive to LJ about it, even saying, "It's bullsh*t you didn't get into Stanford, you're smarter than me." Towards the end of the scene, Peter adds, "You was tripping out, why?" LJ responds with, "I was scared," a conversation that was all Noah and Lana.

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