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Get sound advice or listen to stories as you get your chores done
by Cielo Anne Calzado   |  Mar 19, 2021
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These days, podcasts add variety to the content we listen to on a daily basis. From waiting for your favorite radio shows to looping playlists on end, streaming these audio programs gave us another form of diversion – whether you’re looking for something to play in the background while you’re doing something or you want to consume meaningful content before calling it a day.

If you’re already following some of the famous podcasts on Spotify (like Wake Up with Jim & Saab or Adulting Millennials), we’ve got 10 under-the-radar shows you may want to add to your library. From teenager stories and being in touch with your feelings, to creepy stories and bedtime tales – we’ve got options you can check out and listen to:

1. Storytelling by Raine Publishing

Stories can inspire, make you feel better, and motivate you to finish your checklist. Storytelling features short stories and poems in different themes you can listen to before starting your day or bedtime.


2. Sleepy Time Tales by David Couto

It’s no secret that living under quarantine has affected our sleeping patterns, making it difficult to get a decent shut-eye at night. Let David Couto tell you stories that can calm your mind and ease you into a restful slumber. He can even help you develop habits that can aid in giving you a rested state of mind.

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3. 7 Good Minutes with Clyde Lee Dennis

Schoolwork, deadlines, and different pursuits can pull you in different directions leaving you exhausted. Start each day on a good note with Clyde Lee Dennis as you learn self-improvement hacks and get inspiration that will fuel you to achieve your goals.

4. In Your Feelings by Thought Catalog

From moving on from bad breakups and protecting your energy, to overthinking and letting go of toxic beliefs – In Your Feelings is your go-to guide for life lessons. Let the podcast guide you in owning your feelings and working toward character growth.


5. Morning Mindset by Carey Green

Real talk – there are days when we’re so busy, we forget to say a quick prayer and talk to God. Each episode is centered on a Bible verse, a five-minute boost to help you kickstart your day.

6. Creepy: A Horror Podcast by Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network

Horror fans rejoice – Creepy will satisfy your craving for urban legends and disturbing stories. The podcast profile says it all – listener discretion is advised. You may want to schedule listening to this show to avoid nightmares.

7. K-Pop Daebak with Eric Nam by DIVE Studios and Studio 71

Can you track all the comebacks your favorite Idol Groups have done in one year? It’s hard to keep up with all the content, to be honest. Count on Eric Nam to help you backtrack the week’s best songs and if you’re lucky, you might chance upon an episode with a special guest.


8. This Teenage Life

What better way to navigate teenage life than by getting insights from fellow teens? This podcast is made by teens focusing on their ideas, stories, and personal experiences. Get a lowdown on morning routines, dealing with loneliness, and managing body insecurities, to name a few.

9. Life Kit by NPR

A little help goes a long way and this is the idea behind NPR’s Life Kit podcast. From saving money and making sustainable clothing choices, to starting your career after college and handling relationships – you’ll surely pick up a tip or two.

10. I Weigh with Jameela Jamil by Earwolf & Jameela Jamil

How you look and your weight do not define you as a person. In this podcast, Jameela Jamil turns the spotlight on our society’s definition of worth and dissects with guests who have dealt with shaming and finding their value.

Do you have your favorite podcasts? Share it with us and let us know in the comments!


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