Two Things That Can Happen When Your Crush Finds Out You Like Him

by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Nov 27, 2014
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Part of the thrill of having a crush is keeping it cool, hiding those butterflies from him, and making sure your friends are on the same page. But no matter how much you try to be sneaky about it, sometimes he still finds out because you spilled the beans yourself, because someone else did, or because he’s just unusually perceptive.

And what happens after the truth you've been giddily carrying in your heart for so long finally comes out? Well a couple of weeks ago on The Vampire Diaries, Caroline was all #RIPme after Enzo spelled out her feelings for Stefan to him. "She hates you because she doesn't hate you at all. She's got a thing for you, mate." (Dude! Girl/bro code!) Poor Stefan was so bewildered, all he could do was mm-hmm as Caroline practically compelled him to forget the whole thing. It’s ridiculously awesome because it could totally happen in real life.

Because Stefan can't just forget about it (of course), he asks Caroline why she has/had a thing for him, prompting her to bare her soul to him. Everyone's on Team Caroline—even Damon says, "There are no drawbacks to this woman!" But no matter how much everyone wants Steroline to be official, Stefan still has Caroline in the friend zone while she's just trying to move on—for now. Basically not a happy ending.

It's the opposite of what happened on New Girl when Jess blurted out her feelings for Ryan, the super cute British teacher she can't date because she's the vice principal. She's been avoiding him at all costs, but a conference forces her to spend time with him, convincing her that he's really an angel sent to earth. (He scrapbooks on rainy days, owns spools of yarn, and literally catches her when she falls. Swoon!)


Two Things That Can Happen When Your Crush Finds Out You Like Him

Like Caroline, Jess tries to downplay it all, but unlike Stefan, Ryan is really, really, really into her. Like, "sad about the holidays because he won't be able to see her every day" into her. They kiss and later on, Jess climbs into bed and covers her face with a blanket. Tee-hee, don't you just feel for her?

Two Things That Can Happen When Your Crush Finds Out You Like Him

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So there, those are two things that could happen if your crush finds out you like him, for your reference if it does happen in real life. But it'll be totally up to you whether you do a Jess or a Caroline—or better yet, yourself.

Two Things That Can Happen When Your Crush Finds Out You Like Him

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