Twitter Talk: Selena says Music Equals Feelings

Here we have the Tweek (yes, we made it up) aka Tweets of the Week.
by Macy Alcaraz   |  Jun 5, 2009
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♥ Selena Gomez says that music probably sounds like your feelings. We wonder how her record will sound like. :)
♥ Miley Cyrus quotes Once. We wonder who she "doesn't know." She's also going on tour with Metro Station!
♥ Care to explain what MSG is to Alicia Keys?
♥ Ryan Seacrest tweets about Twilight cruises in 2010!
♥ Hey Monday's Cassadee Pope is in Seventeen Singapore! She's totally freaked out about it, too.
♥ Maxene Magalona is doing a remake of her dad's old movie. She's already taping!
♥ Kat Dennings is an artist! We love that she makes her own Twitter backgrounds.
♥ LC is shopping for clothes for her book tour.

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