Trailer Tuesday: Bye, School! Hello, Summer!

Say goodbye to the school year with these movies you'll want to catch with your school buddies before summer begins.
by Patty Lazatin   |  Mar 1, 2011
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March 2

Never Let Me Go

 Based on the best-selling novel by award-winning Japanese-English author Kazuo Ishiguro, Never Let Me Go follows the lives of three boarding school friends, Kathy (Wallstreet 2’s Carey Mulligan),  Tommy (the upcoming The Amazing Spiderman’s Andrew Garfield), and Ruth (Pirate of the Carribean’s Keira Knightley) as they grow up and grow apart in their unusual British private school.

What’s amazing about this movie (as well as the book) is that despite its science fiction roots, it focuses more on the relationships of the three friends rather than dwelling on the sci-fi elements, which you’ll still see glimpses off during the movie. Bring the tissues for this one. You and your BFFs might be bawling afterwards.

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