10 Content Creators That Got Us Through 2020

by The Candy Staff   |  Dec 17, 2020
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To say the year 2020 has been crazy is an understatement. A lot of things have happened and every month just felt like we're in a real-life Black Mirror episode. Despite the dark times and numerous low moments, there are several content creators on the Internet that helped us get through the tough times together.

Below, we list down some of the content creators we discovered and are thankful for this year:

Inka Magnaye

Can you remember how ~shookt~ you were when you first heard Inka's voice? She’s been killing it with content through her TikTok videos, her stories about her job as a professional voice-over artist, and even the cool VO work of her family members as well. In 2020, aside from the various content she’s been sharing on her social media pages, Inka also started her own podcast called Sleeping Pill With Inka, which ranked as one of Spotify’s top podcasts in 2020.

Rain Matienzo

The OG Conyo girl of TikTok has, at one point, impressed you with her painfully accurate conyo impression and amusing stories about college life. IRL, though, Rain is far from the conyo personas she portrays on TikTok.

Macoy Dubs

Macoy has been an internet personality for quite some time now. He was the mastermind behind the viral dubbed version of various popular films like Mean Girls. In 2020, Macoy introduced us to Auntie Julie and gave us a glimpse of the entertaining lives of the Titas of Manila.

Joyce Glorioso

Joyce’s TikToks were always a treat to see on your feed. Her trademark kitchen background and the occasional cameos of her cats were, for sure, one of the things we've grown to love about her content.


online caroling part 3???? ##bananafam dc?

? bunyi asal - Sis_Phindik

Gab Campos

He’s the guy who likes to spend his free time on the rooftop to open discussions about issues concerning the Gen Z population. With his trusty sampayan in the background, Gab's conversational videos on TikTok were always a refreshing sight amidst all the trending dance challenges on the app. Not that trending dance challenges aren't entertaining to watch--even Gab makes his own dance TikToks because dancing is one of his passions as well.


since tapos na auds nila, ayan magkalat na tayo. ##pbbkumuaudition

? original sound - GAB CAMPOS - gabriel!

Marvin Fojas

He may no longer be a college student, but Marvin definitely captured the typical college life and everyday classroom experiences of students through his videos. Add to that the familiar terms "bhie" and "luh," which we've admittedly been saying a lot ourselves, thanks to Marvin.


Luh bHie bat kasi viniew pa ???? Your first “@“ is like this ????

? original sound - Marvin Fojas

Sassa Gurl

Sassa Gurl's sassy yet on-point commentaries that'll give you just the right amount of laughs are the kind of content that we need on social media. Not to mention, Sassa Gurl has the most relatable day in the life video we've ever seen:


my first day in a life

? Classical Music - Classical Music


Mimiyuuuh has been hustling this year. As if her YouTube videos aren't enough, Mimi's new stint with Netflix, Eh Di Ikaw Na!, has also been a reliable source of good vibes.

Rei Germar

Some of us have been suki to Lazada and Shopee during the pandemic, and we're thankful to have Rei's *honest* takes on the items she herself buys from online shops. Aside from the shopping budol, Rei's not afraid to speak her mind and stand for what she believes in. For long-time followers of Rei, it's also heartwarming to see her channel grow over the years.

watch now

Frankie Pangilinan

Frankie has been quite the Gen Z pillar this year. Aside from using her voice and platform to amplify the causes she believes in, Frankie is also a content creator many look up to. Her written works on Wattpad are both a source of inspiration and motivation to both avid readers and aspiring writers.

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