7 Tips and Tricks On Finding Good Music

Aside from Spotify's New Music feature.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Nov 28, 2015
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Music is a big part of our lives. Aside from giving us some sort of background sound when we're going about our daily tasks, it also provides us with comfort whenever we need one. With the rise of streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify, there are still moments when we find it hard to find good music, our kind of music. So when we stumbled upon this article from Nylon about women in the music industry sharing how they find the good ones, we just had to share a few tips and tricks we've learned from them to you.

Where To Find Good Music


 1  Keep your eyes open for what's trending: "I press play on whatever people are talking about on Twitter. I listen to things my co-workers are excited about, songs that are trending on Audiomack and Shazam, and links that come through my inbox." —Naomi Zechner, EIC of The Fader

 2  Look at music charts from around the world: "I find new music mostly from a huge feed of blogs both known and deep-web that I've been compiling since about 2007, as well as going through my Soundcloud feeds and looking at charts big and small from around the world." —Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, Culture Editor for Jezebel

 3  Go to Twitter: "Twitter is a great place to hear about songs almost immediately so I'm always pretty up to date on what's going on." —Tannis Spencer, Production Coordinator at MTV

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 4  Listen to podcasts about music: " I listen to a lot of podcasts and follow a lot of music sites like Aquarium Drunkard and Las Cruxes' Cease To Exist. I take recommendations from friends." —Meredith Graves, Founder of Honor Press

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 5  Be open to listen to someone you don't know or haven't heard of: "I always try to see the opening acts when I go to a show even when I’ve never heard of them before. It can be a mixed bag, but I’ve discovered a lot of favorite bands by randomly seeing them live." —Emily White, Associate Charts Director, Social/Streaming at Billboard

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 6  Pay attention to your favorite artists' favorite artists: "I pay close attention to the music my favorite artists are listening to and who they co-sign." —Brittany Spanos, Staff Writer for Rolling Stone 

 7  Take note of songs you hear from movies, TV shows, and even promo materials: "When I was younger, I would find artists I loved through soundtracks and commercials, movies and TV shows, seeking out the rest of an artist's discography from hearing a promotional track. But this is always something I did—if i heard a snippet of a song or saw an artist pop up somewhere, I'd go home and make an effort to learn more." —Caitlin White, Music Editor for Brooklyn Magazine


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What about you, Candy Girls? How do you find good music? Share your tips and tricks in the comments! :)

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