6 Times Local Celebs Were Noticed by International Stars

by Mylene Mendoza   |  Feb 20, 2022
Image: (LEFT TO RIGHT) INSTAGRAM/francinesdiaz, INSTAGRAM/yooncy1
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As much as we look up to local stars, we're a lot more similar to them than you might think. Case in point: They are also huge fans of other celebrities and can ~fangirl~ just as much as us. Unlike many of us, however, these lucky celebrities actually got *noticed* by their own idols!

Check out six Filipino celebrities who got noticed by international stars: 

Francine Diaz

It’s no secret that Francine Diaz is a certified Hallyu fan. Aside from K-pop, Francine is also a K-drama fan, and her latest obsession is the new Netflix zombie series All of Us Are Dead. Consider Francine a successful fan, because not only did lead star Yoon Chan Young (who played Cheong San) sent her a wave on Instagram DM as a reply to her message, but Ham Sung Min, another one of the show’s cast members, actually gave her a follow back. 


Belle Mariano

Another local rising star turned successful fangirl is Belle Mariano, who sent a sweet DM to Emily in Paris star Lucas Bravo expressing admiration over his performance on the Emmy-nominated series. To Belle’s surprise, Lucas replied to her message thanking her for her kind words! Tbh, it was such a wholesome exchange.

Liza Soberano

Liza Soberano is not only popular locally but also overseas—and not just to regular fans but even to celebrities. Among Liza’s legion of Instagram followers is actually Thai superstar Bright Vachirawit from the popular BL series 2gether. NBD! And if you didn’t know already, Liza is chums with The Vamps member James McVey.

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Anne Curtis

True fans know that Anne Curtis is a long-time Hallyu enthusiast. Aside from getting a legendary photo with Hallyu royalty Gong Yoo, Anne also got a personal response from Park Bo Gum after she tweeted a photo of her with his standee. Bo Gum wrote in a tweet in response to Anne, “Sorry for my late response! When did you come to Korea? Having a good time here? I'm shooting a movie these days. Though the weather's too hot, I hope you can fully enjoy the time while staying in Korea! Thank you for saying hi to me :)” Sana all, Anne!

Maja Salvador

Maja Salvador is quite the household name in the local showbiz industry, but even a huge star like her couldn’t contain the excitement of having a social media scion and reality TV star like Khloe Kardashian like not just one or two, but four of her Instagram posts!


Ella Cruz

Ella Cruz is known as a huge K-pop fan and you can count on her to do a dance cover of the latest K-pop hits. ICYDK, Tiffany Young from legendary K-pop girl group Girls’ Generation once gave the local actress a follow on Insta! Unfortunately, Tiffany has since restricted her Instagram following to only her fellow SNSD members, but it was still quite a feat for Ella to be noticed by her ultimate idol! 


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