5 Legit Relationship and Dating Tips You Can Find on TikTok

Watch these TikTok videos by relationship coaches if you need dating tips, love advice, and more.
by Louise Ferrer for Cosmo.ph   |  Apr 14, 2021
Image: (LEFT TO RIGHT) TIKTOK/@wishuponarrezo, TIKTOK/@michellemanleycoaching
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Whenever I feel like talking about dating/relationships in general, the first people I usually message are my friends. I'd hit them up on Telegram and we'd just randomly start our kuwentos about the most random things. From sharing kilig moments to decoding guys' messages, and even to the point where we'd end up low-key stalking our online matches, marami-rami na rin kaming napag-usapan, lol! I'm so, so thankful for these *insightful* convos with my BFFs. But tbh, they aren't always a call or message away. Buti na lang, I found another ~reliable source~ for relationship advice: TikTok! Yes, there's more to the app than dance challenges, easy recipes, and life hacks. There's relationship content, too!

Watch these TikTok videos by relationship coaches if you need dating tips, love advice, and more.

According to Matthew Hussey, "The right person for you is both right and ready. [Between] you two, it's not just a feeling. It's not just a connection. The two of you are actually gonna build something together."


I don’t believe in “the one” in a relationship, but I do believe people can BECOME the one who is right for you.

? Night Trouble By Petit Biscuit - Tyler

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Use this three-step communication formula by Janel Vitale for when you want to share something that might feel a bit *awkward* or uncomfortable with your partner.


Would this 3-step #communication formula work for you? Leave a comment ???? #relationshipcoach

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Note to self: No one has ever died of rejection! If you've ever gotten rejected, Shaun Galanos wants to remind you that, "There is something beautiful about somebody saying 'No' to you or to what you want. When someone says no, that creates space for somebody who is a better fit for you."


I love rejection ##rejection ##sayno ##thelovedrive ##itsok

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Feel like online dating isn't really your thing? That's perfectly okay. But if you've ever wondered how and where else you can form relationships IRL, Michelle Manley suggests that you ask yourself, "How can I be this lovely feminine energy invitation?"


What if you don’t want to go online dating? ##feminineenergy ##datingover30 ##datingadviceforwomen ##loveadvice4u ##datingadvice ##whotodate ##onlinedating

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If you're in a long distance relationship, learn from Wish Arrezzo as she teaches her viewers how you can make it work. Her number one tip is to communicate, but don't do overdo it! "Create healthy boundaries and learn their schedules."


How to make a long distance relationship work #longdistancerelationship #longdistance #dating #fyp #relationshipcoach #love #blog #advice #tips #date

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