This Fun Dance Challenge Taking Over the Internet RN Screams *BFF Goals*

Tag your BFFs, get your phones ready, and try this dance challenge right now.
by Cyril Adavan   |  Mar 7, 2022
Image: TIKTOK/@isasballs
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It’s mind-blowing how TikTok brings back a song from the past and gives it its new spotlight in the present. Even singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor can attest to the short-form video-sharing app’s power. “Title,” a track from her 2015 debut album, blew up on TikTok six years later. As a tribute to TikTok’s magic, she uploaded a compilation of TikTok content creators who participated in the challenge using her very own song as a sound.

It seems like TikTok will never run out of challenges just yet. Like Meghan, it’s now Jessie J’s turn. Jessie J's hit single "Domino" blew up on TikTok recently, too. Back in 2011, "Domino" was all over the music charts. Fast forward to the present, it seems like everyone loves vibing to the song in the form of a TikTok challenge. It’s called the Domino Dance Challenge. While there is no strict choreography involved, we noticed similar choreographies across TikTok. What's also common is that most of the entries come from BFFs. The TikTok entries are so cute, and Jessie J's song is such a pick-me-up that we recommend adding this to your friendship bucket list. Tag your BFFs, get your phones ready, and try this dance challenge right now.


TikTok creator Isabelle and her BFF show us the steps to the challenge. As of writing, Isabelle's video has garnered over 450,000 likes and 10,000 comments on the video-sharing app. Take it from these besties by also wearing twinning outfits or matching ones. You can do this challenge wherever you are in the world (just don't forget to wear a mask). All you need is a space where you and your BFF can move freely. The dance moves are easy to follow, too. Don’t forget to bring out your most energetic selves and have fun!

Here's Isabelle's TikTok with her best friend if you and your bestie would want to try it out for yourselves, too:


my favorite dance ever <3

? Domino - Jessie J

watch now
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