Thoughts on the Return of Pretty Little Liars

After a long break, PLL is back with all-new twists.'s TV columnist word vomits about the mid-season premiere.
by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Jan 10, 2013
photo courtesy of ABC Family/ETC (Pretty Little Liars)
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Disclaimer: This is neither a recap nor a review. I just live-blogged everything that popped into my head, minus the live part.

  1. Mona to a sleeping Hanna in the middle of the night: “Is this a bad time?” And the award for best entrance in a midseason premiere goes to… Mona!
  2. I wish my hair looks as good as Hanna's when I get rudely awakened by some frenemy who just happens to know how to break into my house. (Knock on wood.)
  3. Grandma: "Are you alone in there? I heard voices."
    Hanna: "No, it's just me. I’m reading aloud."
    Sneaky excuse! *evil steepling*
  4. Oh, pouty Toby. Is anybody still keeping track of all the A clues and dramz?
  5. Rusty nails and milk for breakfast. No, thanks.
  6. "You honestly believe that my own dad would drug me and lock me in a box?" Stranger things have happened in your 'hood, Aria.
  7. So, Mona's back-to-school, reformed-girl outfit is basically from Blair Waldorf's last season pile.
  8. You guise. Don't stick a knife on the locker of someone who just got out of the loony bin. I mean. Duh. Common sense, where is?
  9. OHAIII CALEB. You were sorely missed. <3
  10. From now on, I'm going to keep track of how many times Toby takes off his shirt in every episode.
  11. "Well, the buddy-moon's over." Buddy-moon! Harhar.
  12. Caleb to Emily: "Hey, feed me. I'm starving." #truefriendship
  13. Of course Aria's fun-run/snooping-around hoodie has studs. Of course.
  14. Emily: "This isn't working."
    Spencer: "That's because it's a paper clip. You have to use a bobby pin. Have I taught you nothing?"
    Spencer is the best.

Catch the return of Pretty Little Liars on ETC this Saturday, January 12 at 8pm.

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