Whoa, This Scene in ‘My Name’ Was Completely Ad-Lib

by Mylene Mendoza   |  Oct 27, 2021
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After the global hype over the Netflix K-series Squid Game, a new Korean series called My Name is catching everyone's attention. Starring Han So Hee, Ahn Bo Hyun, Park Hee Soon, Lee Hak Joo, Chang Ryul, and Yoon Kyung Ho, My Name is an action-packed crime series following the story of a young girl named Jiwoo who joins the drug cartel her father belonged to in search of the person who killed him, and eventually infiltrates the Narcotics Unit of the police as a mole. 

The show has received plenty of positive reactions from viewers and even trended on Netflix globally. Fans saw Han So Hee skillfully take on a tough, challenging rolea stark contrast from her equally admirable performance in Nevertheless. Aside from the well-thought-out action scenes (FYI, the cast actually trained in an action school to execute the fighting scenes themselves) and the riveting plot, fans are also hooked on the cast members' applause-worthy performances. And if you need more proof of just how much of a pro the actors are, the cast and crew recently revealed a scene that was completely ad-libbed.

In a commentary video uploaded on Netflix Korea's YouTube channel, Han So Hee, Ahn Bo Hyun, and Park Hee Soon, together with the show's director Kim Jin Min and writer Kim Ba Da, shared their thoughts on the movie, plus a few behind-the-scenes trivia from filming.

One part in the series that So Hee particularly loved was the flashback scene featuring Park Hee Soon's Choi Mu Jin (aka drug cartel Dongcheon's big boss) and Yoon Kyung Ho's Yoon Dong Hoon (Choi Mu Jin's most trusted friend in the cartel and Jiwoo's dad). After a friendly sparring session, Dong Hoon hands Mu Jin a gift, which turns out to be the fancy lighter he is seen using throughout the series. The scene also featured the two exchanging a few friendly lines like the partners in crime that they are, and the director revealed that those were entirely ad-libbed!


"Don't use disposables. Act like a boss," Dong Hoon says in the scene while the two smoke together. Mu Jin then says, "Why isn't it making any sound?" Dong Hoon replies, "Is it supposed to make any?"

Both Park Hee Soon and Yoon Kyung Ho are experienced actors in the South Korean entertainment industry, so pulling off the scene seemed to have come naturally. Co-star Bo Hyun was surprised to learn they were ad-libs and So Hee shared that it was actually the reason why she liked that scene so much.

If you haven't watched My Name yet, you can catch all eight episodes on Netflix. 

Watch the My Name team's commentary video here:


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