This Person Found Out Crush Din Siya ng Crush Niya, Thanks to Frankie Pangilinan

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by Mylene Mendoza   |  Sep 22, 2020
Image: TWITTER/anti_pasista
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Nothing still compares to getting to know someone face-to-face IRL, but social media does make it easier for us to reach out and connect to people, so confessing to crushes via mobile phones is a pretty common thing to do nowadays. Imagine if you confess to someone through DMs and the person you like also likes you back. What a concept! Well, it's not ~totally~ impossible. Twitter user MJ knows how that feels, thanks in part to Frankie Pangilinan.

On September 18, Frankie posted a tweet saying, "confess to ur damn crush already the world is ending." And to abide by Frankie's advice, MJ tried sending the tweet to their crush as a clever form of confession. Thankfully, the reply was something we all want to receive 'pag umamin din tayo sa crush natin: "ure my crush too."

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The tweet has gone viral since it was posted on September 20, with most people exclaiming, "Sana all." Other netizens have also used Frankie's tweet to confess to their own crushes and were met with mixed reactions. 

Have you tried confessing to your crush? If you're brave enough, try sending a whole quiz to them and see what kind of answers you'd get! Or you could also just use a Spotify playlist.


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