This Professor Surprised Students With Words of Encouragement Through a *Fake* Exam

by Bernadette Rivera   |  Oct 20, 2020
Image: TWITTER/facadesfilms
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Faculty members are trying their best to help their students adjust to the current academic year while helping themselves cope with the situation, too. Lots of them have tried different ways to make their students’ lives a bit easier during online classes, and it's something to appreciate no matter how little, just like this sweet surprise from a professor.

A tweet from Matthew Escandor, second-year BS Psychology student from National Teachers College, went viral after he posted a screenshot of a Google form that their PE professor sent to them.

In a private message sent to us by Matthew, he explained that he received a notification from the professor on the day of their prelims. The message was a link to a Google form that they thought was their prelims exam.

Bigla siya nag-notif sa phone ko like other notifs. Then I was shocked like, 'prelims na sa PE, IDK what to do.' Then clinick ko siya tapos nagulat ako kasi gan’on lumabas.”


“’Di ko alam na magbo-boom siya nang gano’n. I was getting quote retweets saying, 'SANA ALL' all over my timeline,” he added.

In the form, you’ll see “IZZA PRANK! HAHAHA” followed by a message by their prof that says, “Pahinga ka muna anak. In the end of the day Health is Wealth parin. Wala po tayo task sa WK6. PAGNAGAWA NYO TO MAY 100 POINTS KAYO :) GOD BLESS! INGAT ALWAYS SEE YOU SOON.”

Below the message are different tasks that they should answer with “OPO MASTER” that was already indicated in the form, the students just need to click it. At the end of the form, there’s a ‘SHOUT OUT’ space where they can post whatever they want like thank you messages, students' names, etc.

According to Matthew, the professor really cares for the well-being of her students especially their mental health.

Siya kasi yung prof na may paki sa mental health ng students, and inaalala niya talaga kami.”


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