This Live-Action ‘Among Us’ Roleplay Is Hilarious and Relatable

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  |  Oct 2, 2020
Image: FACEBOOK/Augustine Rib
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If you've ever tried testing your friendship and played Among Us with your friends, then chances are, you'll find this viral video ~really~ relatable.

This group of friends made a live-action roleplay of the trending game and it is painfully accurate and funny. Augustine Rib, a Filipino content creator based in Gold Coast, Australia, gathered his friends to act out IRL what they've been doing in the popular video game.

In the video, you'll see Augustine and his seven friends portray the different types of players you'll encounter in Among Us. There's the first-timer who practically does not know why they're in the game, the distrustful "ang magtanong, impostor" player, the bintangero, and even the player who never really gets to play because they "die" first, among others. Avid fans of Among Us will feel ~attacked~ at the accuracy of every player's description and habits in the game. 

"I regularly make vlogs and it just happened that we recently got into the Among Us game," shares Augustine in a chat with Candy over Facebook. "We’ve had some moments and 'techniques' which we thought that some players may have also been doing or experiencing in the game. I think that’s why so many people related to the live action of the game that we made."

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As of writing, the video has gotten over 100,000 reactions, 20,000 shares, and 6,000 comments, prompting the barkada to come up with a part 2, to be released soon. 

Check out Augustine's video here:


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