These Zoom Backgrounds Are Inspired by Magazine Covers

Ever dreamed of gracing the cover of a magazine?
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Oct 13, 2020
Image: FACEBOOK/Aidon Panlaqui
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Online classes are getting challenging and draining by the minute. The least we can do is to add something ~fun~ and light to the experience. If you've ever dreamed of gracing the cover of a magazine, you can actually do so during your online classes thanks to this set of Zoom backgrounds.

Made by Aidon Panlaqui, the Zoom backgrounds are uploaded on his Facebook page and recreates covers of magazines like Esquire, Yes!, and FHM. Just like actual print magazines, there are also low-key relatable blurbs and tag lines scattered across the cover.

"Basically buhay natin ngayon ang mga video calls, and I’ve been in meetings where the first thing we talk about, to break the ice, were mostly our Zoom backgrounds," shares Aidon. "Maybe that was the underlying reason for this Zoom background kalokohan—to put a smile [on] people's [faces] during stressful meetings and tell them, 'Uy, gets kita' in a very light and somehow subtle mapang-okray way."

For sure, many of us can relate to remarks like, "Sorry maingay yung aso ko," and "Wait lang, may Lazada sa baba." He also included lines like, "Yung isa diyan, pinapakita ang book shelf para mukhang matalino." You can take your pick from four different magazine-inspired Zoom backgrounds and add some good vibes to your online class experience.

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To add your own customized background on Zoom, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Zoom account
  • Head to Room Management and click Zoom Rooms
  • Click Account Settings
  • In the Account Profile tab, click on Upload New Image under Background image for Zoom Rooms



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