These Are the Skills You Need for In-Demand Jobs in 2021

Everyone has gone digital.
by Charlene J. Owen for   |  Feb 27, 2021
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COVID-19 has pushed everyone to go digital. In fact, LinkedIn reports that “1 in 3 of digital consumers in Southeast Asia” are new to online platforms and services, with 94% of them likely to stay on them moving forward.

This means that tech and tech-related jobs have become more in demand, and the trend won’t seem to change anytime soon. If you’re looking to go into this industry, as well as into other industries connected to digital marketing and community management, among others, here are the skills that you need to have, quoted from LinkedIn’s “Jobs on the Rise in 2021” report:


From creating new software to securing data, this highly technical category is constantly in need of specifically-skilled individuals.

Area: Data analysis

Top job titles: Web Developer, System Analyst, Mobile Application Developer, Full Stack Engineer, Frontend Developer, DevOps Consultant

Skill needed: Data analysis, data visualization, analytical skills, SQL, requirements analysis


Area: Software and technology

Top job titles: Web Developer, System Analyst, Mobile Application Developer, Full Stack Engineer, Frontend Developer, DevOps Consultant

Skills needed: JavaScript, Web Development, Amazon Web Services (AWS), MySQL, HTML5

Area: Cyber security

Top job titles: Cyber Security Analyst, Cyber Security Specialist, Cyber Security Consultant, Information Security Specialist

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Skills needed: Penetration Testing, Information Security, Security Information and Event, Management (SIEM), Cybersecurity, Vulnerability Assessment

Area: Specialized engineering

Top job titles: Mechanical Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Engineering Team Lead

Skills needed: SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Structural Engineering

Digital Marketing and Public Relations

Are social media-savvy and are great with creating content? This industry may just be for you.

Area: Digital content creation

Top job titles: Editor, Copywriter, Podcaster, Youtuber, Video Editor

Skills needed: Public Speaking, Proofreading, Video Editing, Adobe Premiere Pro, Creative Writing

Area: Digital marketing

Top job titles: Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Marketing Specialist, Marketing Analyst


Skills needed: Social Media Marketing, Copywriting, Google Analytics, Lead Generation, Digital Marketing

Area: Public relations

Top job titles: Public Relations Coordinator, Director of Public Relations, Public Relations Specialist, Public Relations Manager, Public Relations Officer

Skills needed: Public Relations, Media Relations, Press Releases, Event Management, Social Media Marketing


Used to adding to cart and waiting for shipping? If you have the skillset to work behind the scenes, then you may find the right career in this industry.

Area: E-commerce

Top job titles: Online Specialist, Ecommerce Coordinator

Skills needed: Online Marketing, Shopify, E-commerce, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Amazon Seller Central

Area: Business development and sales

Top job titles: Sales Specialist, Account Manager, Account Executive, Business Development Specialist

Skills needed: Negotiation, Account Management, Business Development, Business Planning, Lead Generation

Area: Customer service

Top job titles: Customer Service Executive, Customer Experience Manager, Customer Support Specialist, Contact Centre Specialist, Customer Service Team Lead

Skills needed: Contact Centers, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Customer Support, Team Leadership, Technical Support


Area: Supply chain

Top job titles: Distributor, Logistics Supervisor, Operational Specialist, Logistics Manager, Head Of Supply Chain Management

Skills needed: Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Operations, Logistics Management, Inventory Management

Check out the full report on LinkedIn.

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